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SHOUSHA CAMP - Profughi nel deserto tunisino (video di Laura Verduci, Enrico Montalbano, Judith Gleitze, Tunisia, marzo 2011)





One of an archive’s main features is that the documents deposited in it will remain on a permanent basis. Our project, to the contrary, recognizes that contemporary migrations can’t produce such an archive. Or, better, it draws on the fact that a future archive of contemporary migrations will only speak the language of power: residence permits, identity cards and passports, digital footprints, biometric data, asylum requests, possible sentences or transits in detention centers, expulsions.

This future archive will also combine a different view from this reductionist one: all the visions of migrants’ passage caught from a distance and from above by contemporary and ever more sophisticated technologies employed by governments for the purpose of controlling migrations.

This future archive will instead miss even those few traces of subjectivity, first-person traces, that migrants once used to leave in the form of letters, mail exchanges, journals, pictures, all the material that were then collected by historians to tell the history of migrations of the past. Contemporary communication happens through other methods, all inherently eluding trace. For this reason, our project also originates from the desire to find another way to deposit fragments of what is not depositable.

The images and videos on migrations are some of these fragments. But using images and videos one runs into a further obstacle: what appears on the internet – the source we draw on to collect materials for this section – often disappears again with time. Moreover, the copyright often makes impossible the (non) technical reproduction of these sources of knowledge. We therefore opted for offering only images and videos that would allow us to avoid copyright sanctions and that would be continually updated and provide revised links.

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