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La rotta balcanica (puntata radiofonica di Passpartù, dicembre 2011)

Violences policières à Calais : un rapport et des vidéos (France, Juillet 2011)

Droits de l’Homme à la Frontière Sud 2010-2011 (Dossier, APDHA, juillet 2011)

L’Europe vacille sous le fantasme de l’invasion tunisienne (raport Anafé-Gisti à la frontière franco-italienne) (avril 2011)

Joy: come lo Stato “motiva” la propria assoluzione (Italia, marzo 2011)

Passpartù 20: Accoglienza a microonde (trasmissione radiofonica, Italia, febbraio 2011)

Lampedusa: la frontiera bruciata (febbraio 2011)

Detained Lives (Uk, London Detainee Support Group, 2009-2010)

Seeking safety, finding fear. Refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Libya and Malta (Amnesty International, December 2010)

Detained Lives (Uk, London Detainee Support Group, 2009-2010)

Detained Lives (2009)
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No return, no release, no reason (2010)
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In January 2009 LDSG launched the "Detained Lives" campaign to end indefinite immigration detention. LDSG has been supporting increasing numbers of people detained for periods of years with no prospect of deportation. Many are de facto stateless, while others are from countries that are too dangerous for them to be deported. They are left in limbo in detention, often at great cost to their mental health.

To coincide with the launch of the campaign, LDSG published the "Detained Lives" research report, which presents evidence of the ineffectiveness and the human cost of the practice of indefinite detention. The report was based on powerful testimony from 24 current detainees held for more than a year, as well as quantitative research into the effectiveness of indefinite detention.

LDSG published a new report on indefinite detention in September 2010. The report demonstrates that the indefinite detention of migrants who cannot be deported is ineffective, inefficient and enormously damaging. Only one in three people held in immigration detention for over a year are eventually deported. A full 57% of long-term detainees are released, having spent years in prison-like detention centres to no purpose.

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