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Undocumented students rally for immigration reform (videos, USA, March 2010)

Undocumented students rally for immigration reform (videos, USA, March 2010)

Undocumented students took part in the March 2010 mobilization to pressure the Obama administration on a comprehensive immigration reform. “Let’s make our DREAM an ACT” is one of their slogans, calling for action on a path to citizenship for undocumented students.

Building on the gay-rights movement tradition, a group of Chicago students organized a coming out of the shadow rally on March 10. Under the banner “Undocumented and Unafraid”, some students took the stage in full view to tell their stories in front of the audience: “I am Ugo, I am undocumented and I am no longer afraid”; “I am done feeling that I have to choose between my family and the life that I want: I choose both. My name is Ireri, I am undocumented and I am no longer afraid”. Organizers of the “Coming out of the Shadow” inititative belong to Immigration Youth Justice League, a Chicago-based group that counts about fifty members and worked on a campaign that won a stay of deportation for Rigo Padilla in December 2009.

The Chicago initiative was part of a series of events in American cities in anticipation for the national rally in Washington DC which took place on March 21. Undocumented students took part also in the Washington “March for America” joining a group of 200,000 people who asked for an immigration overhaul and to “stop deportation and support legalization”.

(may, 2010)

“Coming out of the shadows”: an account of Chicago’s protests

Coming out the shadows means a lot of different things, but for the thousands of undocumented youth living in Illinois means protesting against the broken immigration system in this country. Last March 10th, a year after President Obama begun his administration, a group of youth leaders in Chicago took the lead and called all undocumented immigrants, families, community members and allies to march with them along the streets of Chicago and demand immigration reform. The march was organized by the Illinois Youth Justice League which was founded in Chicago to fight for immigrant rights and which members are predominantly young college activists. Their main message was clearly lay out in a large banner that read Undocumented Unafraid. Once the march reached downtown Chicago and everybody gathered next to the offices of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) where deportations are processed daily, a group of young activist came out to the audience: meaning they declared their undocumented status to their friends and community members, shared their life stories and with them the fear and uncertainty that they have faced through years living undocumented in the United States. These acts take courage, but these young immigrants are highly committed to fight to earn the full civil rights that they deserve; however, what is not clear to the youth and the rest of the audience and immigration activist is if the political leaders of Illinois and Chicago have the same courage to fight with them at the chambers of congress in Washington D.C. For this reason, during the rally a young man lead a public phone call to Senator Richard Durbin in which chanting with the crowd “have courage, the time is now, take the lead” urged their political leader to take political action and lead immigration reform. As a matter of fact, the efforts of this young coalition played off on April 10th when Senator Durbin spoke in a rally of about one thousand people and committed to working to pass immigration reform in 2010. The power of thousands of young people living undocumented in Chicago and Illinois continues growing as they organize and work with allied organizations to stop deportations and demand political action to change the immigration system that affects more than 12 million people in the United States.

(Johana Muriel-Chandler, may 2010)

Chicago’s Undocumented Youth Come Out.

(Pictures by Peter Holderness, Chicago, March 10, 2010)

Coming Out of the Shadows / Saliendo de las Sombras.

(Chicago, March 10, 2010)

Marcha de Inmigrantes (Washington, DC, March 21, 2010)

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