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Contributions can be sent in the form of written interviews, audio-interviews, video-interviews or written narratives. To send materials to the editorial staff, click here: The editorial staff presently grants translation of contributions to and from the following languages: Italian, English, and French.

All interviews (written, audio, video) must be authored by the interviewer and must be dated. The interviewer should also state the place where the interview took place so as to allow its positioning in the continent where the interviewee was at the time of the interview.

Texts for of audio and video interviews must be transcribed by interviewers, as literally as possible.

Interviews must include come with a short introductory text (10,000 characters maximum) that explains the migratory context where the interview has been released and which needs to be signed by the author and dated.

Interviewers must inform the interviewees of the possible publication of the interview and, in case, choose or have her/him choose an invented name.

In case of migrants who are minors, only written interviews will be published and the editorial staff reserves the right to eventually edit the text so as to protect the privacy of the interviewees.

Migration narratives may be authored by migrants themselves. In this case, they should also be signed, eventually using an invented name, and should be dated. As in the case of interviews, the place where the narrative has been written (the continent, the country or the city) should be clearly stated. Unfortunately, also for the narratives we can only offer translation in the languages mentioned above.

For interviews in the “migratory politics and control devices” section we ask the authors to send the editorial staff the disclosure form signed by the interviewees. The disclosure form can be scanned and mailed to

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