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Italia-Tunisia. Accordi tra repressione e falsità (di Monica Scafati, febbraio 2018)

In alto mare, testimonianze da un naufragio. Tunisia 8/9 ottobre 2017 (a cura di Monica Scafati, dicembre 2017)

A volte tornano. Un uomo tunisino sopravvissuto al sequestro libico (video, Italia-Tunisia-Libia, novembre 2017) (Imed Soltani, Monica Scafati)

"Il mio nome è Khalid, vengo dalla Siria. (...)" (video, Italia, Lampedusa, dicembre 2013)

"Sorry for not drowning". The 11th October shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea (video, october 2013)

Syrians blocked in Calais (video, November 2013)

"Siamo i siriani del naufragio avvenuto l’11 ottobre 2013...." (video, Italia, novembre 2013)

Roma: funerale per il naufragio del 3 ottobre (Italia, ottobre 2013)

Superstiti e bare: il tradimento dell’Europa (video, Enrico Montalbano ottobre 2013)

Marocco/Spagna: tentativo di superare la frontiera (settembre 2013)

"Sorry for not drowning". The 11th October shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea (video, october 2013)

On the 11 of October some 500 migrants set sail from Zwara in Libya, to reach Europe.
They are followed by Libyan guards that shoot at them. They manage to approach to Italy but the boat is damaged. Help arrives late and about 250 drown. Many children. The survivors are rescued and distributed between Sicily, Lampedusa and Malta. Families are separated during the rescue mission. After their arrival in Italy, in the detention centre, Syrians claim to have news on their fellow migrants and relatives. That’s when they understand the proportion of the tragedy. They are taken fingerprints by deceit. So, once they head towards Europe, because of restrictive asylum laws (Dublin 2) they are bounced back in Italy. They demand to know the whereabouts of the people they were with during the shipwreck and the right to reach the countries where family and friends are waiting for them.
On the 23rd of October we met some of them and the day after we interviewed them. The person who speaks in the video is "Said", a name invented due to the fear of retaliation against the relatives who are still in Libya or in Syria.

In the meanwhile, it has been published an interview taken by Fabrizio Gatti in Malta with Mohanad Jammo, the Syrian doctor who from the same boat sent out many SOS calls to the Italian authorities since 11 am. If the rescues had left immediately, the shipwreck which happened at 5 pm would have been avoided, as well as the death of more than 250 people , among which there were many children. Interview taken by

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